Discussion Paper

Future role of powerfuels in different countries

Chapter 4 - Summary

Powerfuels provide value for different countries in different ways: as powerfuels suppliers, technology providers, demand countries – or all of the above.
1. Powerfuels are an opportunity for countries with renewable potential. They can create value locally, contribute to the local energy transition and be exported globally.
2. Powerfuels are an opportunity for countries which use them: They help reach climate goals, diversify energy sources, and enable energy transition.
3. Countries and industries with technologies for powerfuels and global energy trading expertise will also benefit.
4. Countries that combine several such motives may be the forerunners of the future global market for green powerfuels

As outlined in the previous chapters, powerfuels provide value in many areas and industries. Similar to the current global energy system based on fossil fuels, they enable global trade of energy – and contribute to the local economy at all steps of the value chain. Looking at individual countries shows that there are considerable differences in countries’ current situation and future trajectory. Nonetheless, powerfuels will likely be needed – and produced – around the world.

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Countries as suppliers

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