Discussion Paper

The global challenge

Chapter 2 - Summary

1.  The world community has acknowledged the human influence on the global climate system and that global action is needed to address climate change.

2. For the first time, from 2024 there will be common binding minimum standards for reporting by states on their greenhouse gas emissions and other climate protection measures.

3. Strategies to address climate change present challenges and opportunities for the private sector. Governments are called upon to promote policies that safeguard competitiveness, economic growth and jobs and enable companies to use their innovative power to protect the climate and make the transition to a sustainable global economy possible.

4. Synthetic renewable gaseous and liquid energy sources are game changers for the energy transition as they enable renewable energy potentials to be utilized worldwide since they can be stored and transported over long distances. This will make powerfuels the necessary missing building block for the energy transition along with increase in energy efficiency and the direct usage of renewable electricity.

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