Discussion Paper

Preliminary estimation of powerfuels demand

Chapter 3.4

Several studies (Perner et al., 2018 | World Energy Council - Germany, 2018),  have estimated the expected global powerfuel demand for different scenarios. Depending on the share of powerfuel usage in each sector, the global total powerfuel demand in 2040 varies from 10000 to 40000 TWh. As a reference, the global total oil and gas consumption for 2017 was 90500 TWh (BP energy economics, 2018). The powerfuels production capacity to cover this demand is estimated to range from 4000 GW to 16000 GW.
These statistics are only meant to provide an indication of the order of magnitude for powerfuels demand. The key message to note is, irrespective of the scenarios considered, powerfuels play a crucial role in the future energy system. In order to build up the necessary production capacity to meet future powerfuels demand, action is needed now!

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