What is the Global Alliance Powerfuels?

The Global Alliance Powerfuels was initiated by the German Energy Agency (dena) together with 16 renowned corporate partners as founding members. The strategic objective of the Alliance is to foster the development of a global market for powerfuels. The Alliance has three main goals:

  1. Raise awareness and acceptance of powerfuels as missing link to reach global climate targets;
  2. Support the further enhancement of regulatory frameworks with a first focus on Europe as demand region;
  3. Stimulate project development to globally enable production capacities on industrial scale, thus increasing cost competitiveness with fossil fuels.

Our Members

The Global Alliance Powerfuels was initiated by the German Energy Agency (dena) together with renowned corporate partners as founding members. Corporate partners are the core of the Alliance. They set the stra-tegic agenda in the steering committee and define the working groups. As part of an extensive global network and through their active engagement in project development, they gain insights and strategic orientation in the upcoming global business field of green Powerfuels.

Our Partners

Network partners of the Global Alliance Powerfuels share the Alliance’s vision and goals. Their role is twofold:

  1. Network partners secure the visibility of the Alliance in regions of major interest, as they are asked to share information and output produced by the Alliance within their respective channels (e.g. green paper, briefings, policy papers, notes, events).
  2. They offer a point of contact within their respective country/region for members of the Alliance seeking information on that specific country/regions.

In this way, network partners play an incremental role within the Alliance, although they are not represented in its bodies (steering board, advisory board and academic council).

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of the members and is the highest decision-making body. Decision-relevant issues such as the coordination of the work programme and the use of project funds, the choice of topics for working groups and analyses are discussed, coordinated and decided here, as are focus regions for networking.

Our Activities – What we do

Our activities are built on the principles of non-discrimination and transparency. The Alliance commits itself to the Sustainable Development Goals as a base of our actions. Particularly, we will:

  • Operate as think-tank, network and information hub for partners and relevant decision makers with a truly global focus.
  • Identify challenges and barriers for potential business models, analyse corresponding solutions and provide politics, business and civil society with the information needed for political agenda setting and further enhancement of regulation.
  • Work together with other initiatives and associations to develop guidelines and standards that acknowledge the sustainability of Powerfuels and thus enable well-functioning markets.
  • Initiate projects with partners to build up the global production capacity of Powerfuels. Therefore, we will create project ideas; identify, pool, and match suitable partners; and support project initiation.
  • Foster global cooperation on research and development by building an international scientific network.
  • Host and organise international events to ensure visibility and impact of our activities.
Global Alliance Powerfuels

Global Alliance Powerfuels

Common Declaration of the Global Alliance Powerfuels

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