Powerfuels makes an appearance at the National Aviation Conference

The National Aviation Conference in Leipzig brought together the political, economic and aviation communities. Alongside founding members Sunfire and BDL, dena was represented in order to give insight into how Powerfuels can be relevant to the Aviation sector.

Wednesday the 21st of August brought together the political, economic and aviation communities in Leipzig for the National Aviation Conference. The key message as implemented by Chancellor Angela Merkel demonstrates how Germany needs to become an innovator and challenger of current barriers when dealing with limitations of Aviation CO2 emissions.

The aviation industry in the past has faced far greater limitations in dealing with the reduction of CO2 emissions when compared to other mobility mediums. Chancellor Merkel believes that the foundation for overcoming these limitation stems from the idea that a collaborative and competitive market alongside innovative means of policy and technological development can improve the industries perspective to become more climate friendly.

The German Energy Agency was represented alongside founding members of the Global Alliance Powerfuels Sunfire and BDL in order to give insight into how Powerfuels can be relevant to the Aviation sector. Many participants from the conference came to stop by including some illustrious guests such as Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer, Prime Minister of the State of Saxony Michael Kretschmer, Minister for Economic Affairs of the State of Hesse Tarek Al-Wazir, Member of the Federal Parlament Arno Klare and DHL board member Thomas Ogilvie.

The response the Alliance received from the participants of the conference reflected excitement as the Alliance’s representatives talked about how hydrogen and powerfuels can play a major role in the aviation sector.

To add to this, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer stated in Leipzig that the government was "committed to ensuring that the revenue of the aviation tax is used for research, innovation and climate goals."

Picture teaser: shutterstock/Faiz Zaki