German Hydrogen Strategy is a strong signal for powerfuels

The strategy adopted today will help to develop global markets for renewable energy carriers and feedstocks if the measures are implemented consistently.

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  • German Hydrogen Strategy focuses on hydrogen and its derivatives – known as powerfuels
  • National demand and techno-economic market maturity is essential for competitiveness
  • International cooperation as the cornerstone of the market ramp-up

The german federal government designed a strategy to establish another cornerstone of the energy transition and envisage hydrogen as key element to decarbonise the energy system. The overall 38 action items of the strategy balance the relevant aspects from climate aspects, to research and innovation, to economic and regulatory frameworks as well as aspects of international cooperation. Consequently, the strategy aligns and is embedded with the recently announced stimulus package of the German government on the 3rd of June. Therefore, the strategy will also play into the further development of the European Hydrogen Strategy, which is set to be adopted during the German Co-Presidency of the Council of EU in the second half of 2020. The recently announced Green Recovery Plan already contains and implements first components of a European hydrogen strategy.

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