New cooperation partners of the Global Alliance Powerfuels

The Global Alliance Powerfuels is welcoming two new partners within its global network. The Australian Smart Energy Council (SEC) and the Institute for climate neutral mobility & production (ICNMP), based in Germany, have recently joined the network of the Alliance. We look forward to work together on joint projects and continue building a strong alliance in 2021.

The Smart Energy Council is a non-profit organisation based in Australia with more than 1000 members, working on smart energy solutions. In a memorandum of understanding, dena and the SEC have declared to cooperate on topics related to the energy transition, including powerfuels. We are looking forward to build on that international partnership to pave the way for a global powerfuel economy.

The ICNMP is a newly founded, non-profit research organisation based in Hamburg that focuses on developing innovative technologies that help reduce carbon emissions. The project portfolio includes CCU technologies as well as wind energy and mobility applications. With its research and a strong network in northern Germany and Europe, it will enrich the multilateral and diverse activities of the Global Alliance Powerfuels.

Source teaser picture: CRACHO