Powerfuels Brief: How will the “Fit for 55” package impact the development of green hydrogen and other powerfuels in the EU?

As part of our ‘Powerfuels Brief’ series, the Global Alliance Powerfuels hosted a digital event to discuss the central revisions to existing EU laws and new legislative proposals introduced in the “Fit for 55” package with regard to their implications for green hydrogen on August 2, 2021.

Powerfuels – green hydrogen as well as gaseous and liquid fuels from power-to-X processes using renewable electricity - will play an indispensable role in achieving the EU’s 2030 climate target of reducing emissions by 55% and, ultimately, the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

To put the EU on track to reach its 2030 goal, the European Commission released its long-awaited “Fit for 55” package yesterday. The package includes some 13 legislative proposals that will shape the regulatory framework for climate and energy across the EU substantially. As such, the package will also have a considerable impact on the development of powerfuels in the EU.

In order to discuss the package’s contents, the proposals’ implications for hydrogen and powerfuels project development, and identify critical points to be addressed in the policy-making processes of the upcoming years, the Global Alliance Powerfuels gathered policy and industry experts in a digital event as part of our “Powerfuels Briefs” series on August 2, 2021.

In the event, experts from the Alliance’s project team and three guest speakers from industry and renewable hydrogen initiatives presented the preliminary findings of their analysis of the package. The presentations were followed by a moderated discussion as well as a Q&A session with contributions from participants of the event.

The following speakers presented their insights and joined the panel discussion:

  • Johanna Friese, Expert, Global Alliance Powerfuels
  • Friederike Altgelt, Expert, Global Alliance Powerfuels
  • Joana Santos Vaz, EU Public Affairs & Business Development Manager, Smartenergy
  • Christian Pho Duc, CTO & Managing Director H2 Projects, Smartenergy
  • Stefan Gielis, EU Public Affairs Manager, Air Liquide
  • François Paquet, Impact Director, Renewable Hydrogen Coalition

Kilian Crone, Team Lead of the Global Alliance Powerfuels, moderated the event.

Selected presentations of the speakers of the event are available for download below.

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