Annual Conference - Financing Powerfuels Pathways - 9th Sept 2020

This year’s Powerfuels Conference on the 9th September 2020 has brought together professionals in finance, business practitioners, researchers and policy experts to discuss and define the next steps towards a meaningful market development. Therefore the conference focused on "Financing Powerfuels Pathways".

The Global Alliance Powerfuels works towards the development of a global market for powerfuels, including hydrogen. During the conference, financing tools and future powerfuels projects were presented by a wide range of experts from the industry. Experts from the Finance sector provided key insights to ensure the liability of investments in the powerfuels market, policymakers and regulatory experts shared their views on the required guidelines to enable the market growth. They all showcased the potential pathways to underpin the current national and international policies and strategies on powerfuels and hydrogen.

For the first annual Powerfuels Conference, we were collaborating with our global partner, the Energy Cluster Denmark, to strengthen our global network and also to focus on Scandinavia as one of the key regions for powerfuels and hydrogen.


Presentations of the 1st Annual Powerfuels Conference on the 9th September 2020.
Please find them below. For any requests please contact Christoph Menzel – menzel(at)dena.de

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