Global Alliance Powerfuels expands partner network

Twelve international partners from science and civil society support the expansion of green synthetic fuels into the third pillar of the energy transition

The Global Alliance Powerfuels, initiated by the German Energy Agency (dena) and 18 renowned corporates and organisations, now receives support from 12 well-known scientific institutions and thinktanks. The Alliance aims to foster the use of powerfuels as synthetic energy sources and raw materials based on renewable energies as missing link to reach the global climate goals. The International Partner Network (IPN) includes the following institutions:

CO2 Value Europe, CEF.NRW, Dii Desert Energy, DTU Energy, Egyptian Network for Renewables and Water Cycle, House of Energy Denmark, FCH, Energie Agentur NRW, IRESEN, Ludwig Bölkow Stiftung und Systemtechnik, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, Sunrise

Main goal of the IPN is to enhance the discussion and development of powerfuels globally together with the corporate members of the Alliance. This is done on three levels :

  1. Raise awareness and acceptance of powerfuels as a missing link to reach global climate change targets;
  2. Support the further enhancement of regulatory frameworks with a focus on key supply and demand regions
  3. Stimulate project development to globally enable production capacities on an industrial scale. Allowing for powerfuels to become more cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Initiatives from all over the world who would like to actively stimulate the discussion on the role of powerfuels in a successful energy transition in their country or industry , are invited to join the IPN.

Contact: Mr. Kilian Crone or Mr. Byron Stuntz.

Picture teaser: imaginima