The decarbonization of gases

On 22.4 the French Institute for International Relations discussed the topic "decarbonization of gases: a hydrogen strategy for the Green Deal" at its energy breakfast. The Global Alliance Powerfuels provided input for the development of international markets.

Under the title "decarbonisation of gases: a hydrogen strategy for the Green Deal", the French Institute for International Relations had invited to an online breakfast discussion with about 70 participants from business, politics and science.

Kilian Crone, Project Lead of the Global Alliance Powerfuels, presented his organisation's strategy for international market development and the necessary framework conditions. The subsequent discussion brought the following three key findings.

  1. It is important not to rely exclusively on pilot projects, but to create reliable markets. Here, a comparison with the support of renewable energies since the early 2000s is obvious, which has successfully enabled market development.
  2. It is just as important not to exclude certain sectors at an early stage, but to let the market decide what the most successful applications are
  3. The third criterion for success is the international approach.  Producers of installations and renewable energy in the EU are competitive and innovative and will benefit from an international market.