Global Powerfuels Alliance and Transport & Environment call for an ambitious e-kerosene target

An ambitious European e-kerosene target would lead to minimal added cost to passenger tickets but maximum investor certainty

Key to the decarbonisation of the aviation sector will be early and strong support for e-kerosene in the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation since it is a key pathway to scale up the supply of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). 

Unfortunately, ReFuelEU, as proposed by the European Commission and confirmed by the Council of the EU in its General Approach, does not go far enough to send a clear market signal for e-kerosene. The Commission and Council positions only introduce a blending mandate in 2030 and the 0.7% target is too low to have an incentivising effect.

Together with Transport & Environment, the Global Powerfuels Alliance calls on the EU Member States and the European Commission to endorse the 2% e-kerosene target in 2030, as adopted by the European Parliament. Crucially, the cost impact of increasing the 2030 e-kerosene target from 0.7% to 2% will only be 0.6 euro per ticket per 1000km of flying, which is roughly the length of the average intra-EU flight.

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