Powerfuels: A missing link to a successful global energy transition


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Global Alliance Powerfuels strongly believes that powerfuels complement energy efficiency, renewable energy deployment and electrification in achieving climate goals. From the energy trilemma perspective, powerfuels offer a lower total system cost pathway for energy transition, require less change in public behaviour and act as a complement to the non-dispatchable nature of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

We consider powerfuels to provide value for different countries in different ways either as powerfuel suppliers or technology providers or as green alternative for fossil-fuel import dependent countries. We see the need for an international powerfuels market where all countries could benefit and at the same time move towards climate change mitigation goals.

The deployment has already started

We observe a lot of movement throughout the world. Countries and industries in the fossil export business today are looking for ways to lower the emissions of their products and sustainable future prospective. More and more discussions are taking place in different countries and regions and diverse technologies and possibilities are being emphasized (example: hydrogen, ammonium, ethanol, synthetic natural gas). At the same time first international cooperation are taking place, for example trade of “solar fuel” between Japan and Australia.

Join the discussion about the perspectives of a global market for powerfuels

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We want to create a global dialog on powerfuels guided by the following questions:

  • What role could powerfuels play for the energy transition in your country/industry?
  • How do you compare the potential of importing/exporting powerfuels with respect to the import/export of fossil fuels to/from your country?
  • What are the specific technologies, fuel types and usage possibilities you primarily see for powerfuels?
  • What are the current political strategies, incentives or hurdles that are impacting the development of powerfuels in your country?
  • What timeframe do you envision for the development of a market for powerfuels in your country?