GAP x World Hydrogen 2024 Summit and Exhibition

Register your discounted pass now and meet the Alliance’s project team on site

Register for a discounted delegate pass or complimentary visitor pass to the largest hydrogen exhibition in Europe with over 15,000 hydrogen professionals and over 500 global exhibitors during 13-14 May.

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Annual Conference of the Global Alliance Powerfuels

Recap of the Annual Conference – 23rd June 2021 – all presentations online

The Global Alliance Powerfuels works towards the development of a global market for powerfuels, including hydrogen. This year’s Powerfuels Conference will focus on Connecting Powerfuel Hubs.

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New Study

Powerfuels in a Renewable Energy World

The Global Alliance Powerfuels announces the publication of its latest research study quantifying demand volumes, costs and trading volumes of powerfuels in an energy system reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.

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What are Powerfuels?

Powerfuels will be a missing link for reaching climate targets

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About us

Global Alliance Powerfuels

Alliance to foster the development of a global market for powerfuels

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Individual technologies for powerfuel production are market-ready and with significant demand for powerfuels economies of scale could be achieved

Individual technologies for production of powerfuels are already tried and tested, however integrated in complete commercial value chains. Electricity costs are the largest portion of powerfuel costs followed by carbon capture costs.


There is considerable scope for future cost reductions in the technologies used for powerfuel production through economies of scale. Sufficient demand for powerfuels could be triggered by regulations and policies that recognise the carbon-neutral nature of powerfuels compared to fossil fuels.



New publication: Report | Public Funding for Powerfuels Projects

Comprehensive review and evaluation of over 110 public funding programmes for renewable hydrogen and other powerfuels across the world: Large and increasing number of funding schemes available, but focus needs to shift more towards implementation of large-scale projects and offtake guarantees

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