GAP calls for further clarity, coherence and precise instruments within the Green Deal Industrial Plan

Today, the Global Alliance Powerfuels published a detailed assessment of the Green Deal Industrial Plan. The assessment looks in depth at the regulatory and financing pillars of the Green Deal Industrial Plan, focusing on the Net-Zero Industry Act, the Critical Raw Materials Act and the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform. These dossiers are considered to offer the greatest potential and most direct entry point for shaping and accelerating the market ramp-up of renewable hydrogen and its derivatives.

The Alliance generally welcomes the introduction of the Green Deal Industrial Plan and its intention to strengthen the European Union's value chains and competitiveness for net-zero technologies. With regard to powerfuels projects, the European Union has long been at the forefront of global market development, but is currently at risk of falling behind. Against this background, the Alliance raises concerns about whether certain challenges are adequately addressed under the Green Deal Industrial Plan and derives recommendations.

More specifically: The Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA) needs further clarity as well as stronger instruments and incentives in order to accelerate market uptake and support the competitiveness of European powerfuels projects. The Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) will need to include a stronger circular economy as well as a more holistic approach to ensure all critical raw materials integral for powerfuels are taken into account. The Strategic Technologies for Europe Plattform (STEP) falls considerably short of estimated funding required for clean technologies and fails to match up to the US Inflation Reduction Act. Clearer and concrete linkages between the STEP and the NZIA are needed as well as additional de-risking instruments to mitigate the shortcomings of the STEP.

For further details on the Global Alliance Powerfuels’ assessment of the Green Deal Industrial Plan, have a look at the newly published statement.

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