Implementation of the RED II in the transport sector: Fostering the market ramp-up of powerfuels

Publication Date: 12/2020
Format: DIN A4

The European Union’s revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) sets a clear signal for member states: by 2030, at least 14% of the final energy consumed in the transport sector in each member state must be renewable.

Powerfuels will be an essential and indispensable part in the European transition towards a renewable energy system. They will play an important role in reaching renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in the transport sector, and their role within the context of the RED II has yet to be fully characterised.

To add to the discussion on this issue, this paper addresses three main questions instrumental to take action:

  • What are the obligations and targets for the transport sector in the RED II?
  • What is the directive’s implementation status across member states?
  • Which options and instruments can stimulate the market development of powerfuels within the directive and through its transposition into national law?

Based on the above, the Global Alliance Powerfuels recommends four actions that decision-makers should take in the immediate future to foster the ramp up of powerfuels.