Study: Powerfuels in a Renewable Energy World – Global Volumes, Costs and Trading 2030 to 2050

Publication Date: 12/2020
Format: DIN A4

This research study by the Global Alliance Powerfuels and LUT University quantifies demand volumes, costs and trading volumes of powerfuels in an energy system reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.         
The study shows that in a cost-optimized scenario, powerfuels can cover more than a quarter of global final energy demand in 2050, becoming the most used final energy carriers after renewable electricity. It further highlights the urgent need to direct investments towards powerfuels, as well as towards dedicated renewable electricity plants and Direct Air Capture plants starting today.

Presenting analyses for 2030, 2040, and 2050 the study quantifies demand volumes for powerfuels and CO2 (point sources vs. DAC), levelised costs with and without global trade, trading volumes, and investment volumes. The study presents said results for the whole world, clustered in 145 regions, and includes a dedicated outlook for Europe.

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