18 - 19/04/2023

Green Hydrogen Summit – 18 April – 19 April 2023

The fourth Green Hydrogen Summit 2023, which is organized by Solar Media and will take place on 18th of April and 19th of April in Lisbon, will be concerned with the opportunities that green hydrogen will offer both financially and environmentally.

An expanded range of events will include the most important hydrogen derivatives including powerfuels. The Global Alliance Powerfuels is represented there by Friederike Altgelt, Team Lead, Hydrogen Markets and Regulation at the German Energy Agency (dena). She will participate in a panel discussion on “Spiralling Power prices and the Impact of the War in Ukraine”.

The Green Hydrogen Summit 2023 aims to inspire and educate delegates on how to take advantage of the opportunities Green Hydrogen will offer financially and environmentally and provide the connections to make it possible. This year it will look at the larger challenges on the horizon for the sector, including securing energy supply for Hydrogen production with limited sources of renewable energy and limited grid capacity. Additionally, the range of the event is expanded to include some of the more significant renewable hydrogen derivatives and their applications.

Over two days several relevant topics will be explored with over 50 speakers. These include the pricing in the current market, best practices to secure finance for projects, storage and transport of green hydrogen, securing grid capacity for projects in a competitive market and how to decarbonise the industry through the use of green hydrogen.

The conference is organised by Solar Media. Andrea Triki, Senior Expert for Hydrogen Policy (dena), will participate in a panel discussion on “Spiralling Power prices and the Impact of the War in Ukraine”. There she will discuss the impact of renewable energy prices, possibilities of price equality of green hydrogen and what instruments are needed in the face of uncertain prices.

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023 – Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Location: Altis Grand Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

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